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If you are reading this then you have likely noticed my new website. It is several steps above my prior Google Sites website.

Why the Change?

I have recently been getting more acquainted with web development. My job at Thomson Reuters involves quite a bit of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I have always struggled when it came to making things look the way I wanted them to. This is mostly because I didn't fully understand the basics of these languages. I was finally fed up with doing a mediocre job and decided to seek some training and tutorials on web development. Of course, I can read all of the articles and documentation as I want but I won't actually learn much unless I put it into practice. That is why I decided to develop my own website.

It seems silly for a software developer to not actually develop his own website. Therefore I started with the basics of HTML to learn how a proper webpage should be structured. Up until that point I would use tables as design elements. This is mostly because of my lack of knowledge of inline and block elements. I learned about how web browsers utilize the various HTML tags within different platforms. Websites are much easier to read and navigate when accessibility standards are followed. Therefore, label, heading, and nav tags should be used properly. I also learned about new features presented in HTML5 which make web development much simpler. Previously, I had been reinventing the wheel when it comes to certain HTML elements. I also made it a priority to not use JQuery on my website unless needed. I see way too often, code being overly complicated. As of the time of writing this, I barely even need JavaScript within my website. I only have a few functions which handle web service calls to external APIs and code to navigate between tabbed content.

I'd like to give a few shout outs

So what you are seeing throughout my website was all completely developed by me. Of course this doesn't include the Google forms and the external widgets such as for Twitter. In addition, I have decided to use Nabble for this blog due to it's embeddablility. In the future I will consider programming something myself but Nabble seems to work really well and allows me to get by without a database. As for HTML and CSS I have used various articles which were found through Google searches but the most helpful resource was W3Schools. The best part about my website is that it doesn't cost me a thing! Of course, I am paying for the domain name but I am using 000webhost for hosting and the free plan is all that I need for now. If you are interested in creating your own website, these are the tools that I would recommend. I would also like to thank my cousin Justin who came up with the original website design and is doing some graphic design for the site and my plugins.

So what's planned for the future?

Now that I have my new website up and running, I hope to use it a lot more. I will be posting lots of various content on it, mostly in the form of blog posts. I have several tools, Bukkit plugins, and other fun things that I create from time to time. I would like to share these things with the world so that others can enjoy them as well. After reading a few posts you will begin to understand what I mean. I also hope to write tutorials and articles to expand the Learn Java page of my website.

The next step for is to move all of my Bukkit plugins from BukkitDev to the Minecraft Plugins portion of the site. This will keep all of my plugin documentation in a single location as opposed to split between several forums. Nabble can also be used to create Forums so I may create a forum to replace the option of posting questions and tickets through BukkitDev.

If you wish to stay up to date

If you are wondering what else will be coming, Follow me on Twitter. I will be announcing most of the new content through tweets. Each time I add a new Bukkit plugin to my website it will be announced. However, I have not yet decided how to handle new plugin versions. I do not want my twitter feed to become overly saturated with Minecraft plugin updates.

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me with any questions by replying to this blog post or using the Contact form at the bottom of each web page. I'd love to hear feedback about the site and how you think it could be improved. I am working on adding social media links to the website but it involves some tricky CSS to create an accordion style sidebar. Stay tuned...

Until next time.

-Cody (Codisimus) Sommer

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Hey just checking out your books and minecraft stuff. I been using your plugins on my server for years and wanted to say thanks. Website is looking good.